Long-Term Accommodation

Want to stay longer in Wanaka?

(We don’t blame you!)

We offer everything you need for long-term budget accommodation. If you have a hybrid job, seasonal worker or are a traveller who wants to stay longer in Wanaka, we have a place for you to stay.

Everything you need:

Our hostel has all the facilities you require from a well-equipped kitchen, laundry, and modern and clean bathrooms. The hostel is known for its comfortable and relaxed style so you will feel like you are in a ‘home away from home’.

Our facilities include:

  • Clean and modern showers & toilets
  • WiFi
  • Private room or shared dorm option
  • Well-equipped kitchen
  • Luggage storage
  • Lockers
  • Communal TV lounge
  • Private garden

Save Money:

We offer special rates for anyone who would like to book a long-term stay in the hostel. Whether would like to stay in a private room or a shared dorm, we can adjust the rates to suit your needs.

Stay with us:

If you are interested in staying with us in the long term, email us at stay@mtnview.co.nz for availability and special prices.